Packaging is a brand's greatest tool to engage the consumer. Container Glass as a packaging can influence a consumer's purchase decision, such as:

Reseal ability

Enhanced product shelf life

Convenient storage

Ease of opening

Protection from numerous environmental factors

Premium Look

As an added benefit to your brand and product, Emerge Glass can manufacture Glass containers in numerous shape or size: tall, short, broad, wide-mouthed jars , easily meeting your specific requirements across various markets, segments.

Container Glass

Emerge Glass can also help you in sales promotions or size changes delivering a completely customizable product efficiently; so your product stands out , adding value to the hard work of your Brand Managers and Product development teams. Finally our in-house design house shall ensure prompt response on any new product development or value engineering in exhisting shapes.

Emerge Glass can provide a complete Packaging solution to your Brand to offer you opportunity to -

Select a bottle from the collection
Personalize your Glass bottle with embossing of your brand
Select the bottle size
Select a bottle finish
Choose to create a custom bottle.

Food Glass Bottles

Wide Mouth Jars

Liquor Bottles

Milk & Water Bottles


Technical Support to your New Product Development Efforts :-

To make your New Packaging Development successful, Emerge Glass shall walk along on following steps:-

  1. Analysis of project from models, sketches or drawings;
  2. Identification and providing suggestions to finalise functional requirements;
  3. Validation of the feasibility of the Glass design by our engineering team;
  4. Development of drawings, 3D concepts and prototypes
  5. Validation of the glass drawing;
  6. Development of the trial unit mold to produce samples in actual industrial conditions, to visualize and validate all the technical characteristics of the bottle;
  7. Production control and recommendations for the use of bottles on the bottling line.

Installed Capacity - 210 Ton/Day

Packed tonnage - 180 Ton/Day

IS Machine: Brand New machine From Sanjin [Bucher Emhart Glass] for producing 210 tons of high-quality container glass per day for Narrow Neck bottles and Wide Mouth Jar.

Manufacturing: container glass in three categories from design to production, ornamentation of premium glass containers.

Pioneering Ultra-thin Glass production in India, we have created value and superior benchmarks for not only the competition but also for ourselves.

Flat Glass

The best-in-class Clear Flat Glass
manufactured by us finds
application in numerous spheres